In the electric chair. Why young Australians ran over Hewitt

Tomic, Kokkinakis Kirios and pressure of Lleyton Hewitt, but he seems okay. As Australians continue to fight each other.

Lleyton Hewitt was in good relations with representatives of most talented and controversial of the generation of Australian players, but became captain of the national team — and everything changed. Bernard Tomic, Nick Kirios and, tanasi Kokkinakis are not accustomed to subordination, was counting on preferences on the part of Lleyton that all seemed absurd and childish. Hewitt wanted once and for all to end conflicts in the ranks of the national team, but did not take into account the fact that young people can score for talks with the coaching staff and functionaries. He thought that the magic of his name will help to solve all problems, but for hot Australian guys he was just another eccentric captain who knows nothing about tennis. Earlier this year, Bernie, Nick and Tanase went on the warpath with two-time champion «Big hats». Ammunition – tweets, Insta hot Stories and an interview with the familiar reporters.

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Firing position

For several years in the national team of Australia do not cease conflicts. On the one hand, the efforts of Tomic and Kyrios team back into the World group of the Davis Cup, but became a laughing stock and a subject of discussion in the world press. After retiring in 2010, John Fitzgerald was not a single season with no backroom games and verbal altercations. Pat Rafter has held this post for four years, but could not stand the pressure from the families, Residents and the Federation. According to players, the next team captain Wally Masur – not had willed qualities, and therefore had no right to linger on this post. «I love Davis Cup, but I don’t see why I should have to imagine all these people in the administration of Tennis Australia. People think I have a conflict with the captain of the team, but it’s not. I have great respect for Wally. Unfortunately, it is not always says what he thinks,» said Tomic. At the end of 2015 Mazur was asked to leave because to work with the main team of the country is ripe Lleyton Hewitt.

Hewitt wanted to end the conflict, and met with the leaders of the team. «I want to contribute to the success of the national team. It would be nice if the warm atmosphere was accompanied by a team not only during Davis Cup but throughout the year. The guys respect me, and I want to help them.» The first year was spent on adaptation, but on the second old grudge again got out. First Tomic thanked Hewitt for his support and wise advice, but then was called a traitor, and ceased to communicate with him. Kirios was always on the side of Hewitt, but now they are not so smooth. In 2017 Nick called Lleyton the best captain, and a couple of days ago, accused him of favoritism, hinting at will hyperopic Alex de Minor. Tomic added fuel to the fire, saying that Hewitt takes a team of people who he likes. Bernie is confident that the 37-year-old native of Adelaide abuse of official position and sucks money from the budget of the Federation. This support Kirios Tomic and Kokkinakis, who tried to reconcile with Lleyton, but failed to do so.

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Hewitt quietly listened to the accusations of his former team leaders, but then struck back. He spoke about the threats of physical violence on the part of Tomic, insults and blackmail. Lleyton said that blackmail was the fact that he refused to play Davis Cup, if he will not give a «wild card» in Australian tournaments. Tomic did not deny anything, and even something added. «Threatening letters? Two years ago I said that if he tries to talk to me, I’ll turn it off». For example, Australian tennis, we learned that from love to hate is really one step.

Building a new team

In the last year Hewitt, nicknamed Rambo thoroughly shake up the composition. He was called Alex de Minor, Jordan Thompson and Matthew Ebden. Kirios left in the team, but the big successes, neither he nor the team to no avail. In 2018, the Australians lost to the Germans in the first round of the World group of the Davis Cup, and in September lost against Austria in the match for the right to stay in the top division. This year Lleyton will surely rely on his ward Alex de Minor, the young man with Russian roots Alexei Popyrin and John Millman and Matthew Ebden. However, Hewitt’s closes doors, and in the event of a dispute, ready to return to the team with a streak of rebellion.

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Been looking for a successor

Men’s Australian tennis was in a coma before the emergence of Bernard Tomic and nick Kyrios. Hewitt, like Luke Skywalker, could not retire without a worthy successor. He, too, had no luck with first student: Tomic turned away from him and imagines himself to be more Mature and powerful. After a few years Lleyton has found an outlet in the face of Alex de Minor. He saw it himself at the beginning of career, and decided to help the young talent. Alex is taking its place in the elite of the ATP tour, and doing so without the scandals, intrigue and dramatic statements.

Talent 19-year-old said even Roger Federer, and this man rarely shares his thoughts on the prospects of a player. «I’ve been watching Alex since Brisbane and Sydney. And I liked what I saw. As, at the time, was Lleyton Hewitt. I would be interested to see him on the court, but I think that in Australia he will succeed thanks to the support from the fans».

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The Federation is also under fire

The head of Tennis Australia Craig tailee often criticized not only the players but also the parents of young Australian tennis players. It’s all in the distribution of the «wild card» tournament in the period of the Australian tour. Last year, the country has had many challengers, but due to the reform of the rating system most tournaments of this category ceased to exist. Thanks to the performance at those tournaments, in the second hundred were a few Australian guys, including mark Polmans, Jason Kabler, Alex Bolt and others. Now the Australian functionaries problems again, because parents are dissatisfied with the lack of practice in their children. The Federation has promised to help, but that, according to parents, is not happening.

Bernard Tomic is attacking not only the captains of the team and the Federation. In February last year, he threatened to tell reporters about corruption in Australian tennis. «With some things at Tennis Australia need to understand. This is the same as was with FIFA when it became clear how this organization is corrupt. Same thing here, and I know it. I hope I will be able to tell you about this in the near future for the common good».

Bernie became more talkative after departure from the Australian Open in 2019. «Everyone who received a «wild card» in Melbourne, are included in this system – Polmans, Bolt, Thompson. They are all under the wing of Lleyton working with his management company.» Tomich asked to remove Hewitt from the post of captain, because the whole system is rotten.